Children’s health

We provide a comprehensive range of children’s health services including childhood immunisations and health checks and referral to specialists if required.

Children’s Health – Parenting Resources

Better Health Family Clinic has put together a selection of parenting resources that parents may find useful. These links are for general advice only.

  • Australian Parenting Website has some great resources and information for all stages of your child’s development. It’s especially helpful in the care of babies and infants, including breastfeeding, starting solids and sleep settling techniques.
  • Kids Health Info Fact Sheets (RCH) provides top-quality up to date health information for parents of older children, with lots of resources relating to child and adolescent medical conditions.

Childhood Immunisations

We can provide all your child’s immunisations in accordance with the Victorian Immunisation Schedule.

If your child has an underlying medical condition or is at increased risk of disease they may require additional immunisations.

Childhood vaccines are generally safe but before seeing your GP it’s important to familiarise yourself with the pre-immunisation checklist and the list of possible side effects by clicking here.

Our doctors can also advise you on any catch-up vaccines that may be required.

Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

We are a fully computerised clinic and send all of your vaccination records to the AIR electronically.


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